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5-Step Program

Our 5-Step Program is a fun, engaging and informative way to grown your business.  Plus you get to meet other like-minded business professionals who are on the same journey.  We are here to help you every step of the way. There is much to learn and take-away business ideas and incentives.  Join us – Registrations are open now for the next scheduled courses.

We have put together our 5-Step Program in a handy to download brochure, designed to help your business to do business with big business.


01 Understand Your Buyer

Before ydou can successfully work with your big customers, you have to understand them.

04 Make yourself known

How do you get on the radar of your target customers, and find out what work is available for your company?

02 Set your Foundations

Once you take your first steps towards winning work with a big company, you’ll very quickly discover that there are must-have items.


05 Tell your story

What is your story? You need to tell it well, tell it through your tender and proposal documents.

03 Simplify the Complexity

Once you understand how supply chains work, and how big customers think, the next step is to work on your ‘pre-qualification’ requirements.

Resources to help your business


Getting Blood out of an Elephant

Every small business should know that cash flow is vital.  Failure to control cash flow, in its various guises, is the most common cause of small business failure.  Getting the process right – this is a must read.

Proposal Win % Cost Calculator

A 2-Page Excel Spreadshett – complete with instructions for use – and you are ready to go.

5 Easiest Ways to Lose Money

A Handy guide to show you the 5 easiest ways to lose money on a contract with a big company.  Identify where your business may be losing money.  How not to get caught in a rhetorical cycle.

Procedures - A vital part of business

A Word Template you can download and save to your Document Control.  Most of the procedures can be fully documented using this template.


Must have Tender Sites Australia

Government Tenders are not all listed on just a single website – unfortunately.  Here, SCBB has listed the main Government sites for Australia – Federal, State and Local Government.

SCBB 5-Step Program - Introduction

An introduction to our 5-Step Small Company Big Business Program.