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Small Company Big Business – Book

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At some point, every small business will have to take on a contract with a large organisation if they are going to grow.

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Small Company Big Business – Sit back … relax and let this little book inspire big thoughts.

The 7 steps outlined in this book will allow you to find, engage, and then keep those big customers you really, really want to have. You will learn how they think, what they expect of you, what you need to comply with their requirements, and how to keep them on your client list once you have signed that first, important contract.

I believe that small business is the engine room of the economy and the lifeblood of our communites.  This has been my passion, and is the brain-child for my new book Small Company Big Business.

From the book:

Almost every small business owner starts their business venture with the hope of eventually landing a big-name company as a client. Instead of constantly chasing leads and having a bank account balance that looks like the initial design for a roller coaster, your new contract will provide you with a steady and certain income. But before you start chasing this particular rainbow, it is extremely important to understand that big companies are different. If you are used to dealing with other small and medium businesses, you will have to adjust to a whole new way of doing business. Understanding this at the outset will save you a lot of time, angst, and probably money.

Section 1 of this book will give you an insight into the big buyer’s brain. Delve in, have a look around, and get an idea of how your “big buyer” thinks and operates.

My personal goal is to help small businesses grow by winning work with larger organisations. I help small business do business with big business – everyday.

From the book:

During my 20-odd years of creating and running businesses, I’ve talked and worked with hundreds and hundreds of other business owners who, like me, were trying to work successfully with big buyers. Whether the buyer in question was a big company, something to do with government, a state-owned enterprise or whatever, I kept seeing the same problems come up time and time again. Then, when I started out on my latest business venture, Small Company, Big Business, I interviewed and surveyed many small business owners to try and find out the problems and hurdles they had when trying to win contracts with these sorts of buyers.

You, as a small business owner, must take responsibility for deciding what business you are in, and adapting to changes that are happening around you. Once you have decided what business you are in, your next challenge is to claim your special part of that market—your “niche”.

From the book:

Once you have invested the time and money to transform your business into one that has the qualifications and capabilities to be a trusted supplier to a large organisation, working with any customer, of any size, will be a whole lot easier and more  profitable.