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It’s about time someone wrote such an intelligent and useful book for the small business market.

Andrew Griffiths

International Bestselling Author, Commentator and Speaker



At some point, every small business will have to take on a contract with a large organisation if they are going to grow. But less than 15% of small companies are actually ready to take this step.

With over 20 years in business, Bronwyn Reid has seen time and time again how winning one, initial contract with a “big name” can be the spark that lets a small company realise its potential growth. As Bronwyn knows from first-hand experience, becoming a supplier to a large company isn’t easy – and there’s a lot to know and do.

But almost everything that has been written about the small business/big business relationship is from the big company point of view.

Bronwyn recently published her book, ‘Small Company, Big Business’ from the small company perspective.  Small Company, Big Business describes the 5 essential steps for attracting and retaining buyers as customers – whether they be national or international companies, Government, or even large Not For Profits.  This one small book can help you achieve seriously big business.

Taking on Big Contracts

Having a contract with a big buyer is the dream of most small business owners. Bronwyn draws on her more than 20 years of experience to assist businesses to do just that every day. Bronwyn’s book, ‘Small Company, Big Business’ is a must read.

Crack the Code

Small businesses have been struggling for decades to crack the code of working with big business. Bronwyn Reid has written her new book, ‘Small Company Big Business’, based on many years of experience.

Practical, Inspirational Advice

SCBB ‘Small Company Big Business’ Programs are run to help small business attract bigger customers and keep working with them for longer periods of time, whilst ensuring that the relationship is mutually profitable and rewarding.




“It just makes sense”.


Smart, detailed and intelligent

“This is a fabulous book – smart, detailed and right on the money”.


Practical, Inspirational Advice

“Bronwyn Reid has written her new book based on many years of experience – offering practical and inspirational advice to help small business work with big business.”

My challenge to you is that your sole and overriding goal is to get out of the Struggle Zone.

Video . About the Book

Watch the video and meet the Author, Bronwyn Reid, in our live presentation.

The critical success factor for all partnerships is, “What can I do for you”, not “What can you do for me”?


The book

Hot off the Press – Second Print Run on it’s way! Get your Copy.

Book Preview

Click here to find out more, and get 2 free chapters.



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