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Bronwyn is a small business owner and serial entrepreneur whose main driver is small business success, particularly in regional areas.

Bronwyn has successfully started and run three award-winning businesses from regional Queensland. Small Company, Big Business, is her latest business venture. Bronwyn established her career in tertiary education and part-time university lecturer for 12 years. After internalising her own successful rise in business, Bronwyn shares the secret of her success in her latest publication, Small Company BIG Business.


Bronwyn has been supplying to national and international companies and all levels of government, for over 20 years. Today, Bronwyn shares her success, knowledge and experience for attracting . winning . retaining business with seriously BIG Business. Locally Bronwyn is highly regarded for her strong business and community engagement roles in Regional Queensland as a Speaker, Mentor and Collaborator. Bronwyn inspires her audience presenting around the country.


Bronwyn is a Regional Business Advocate for Small Business. To date Bronwyn has written and published two books on being a successful small business owner. If concentrating on three award-winning businesses isn’t enough, Bronwyn is involved with Key Person of Influence, CQ University, 100 Faces of Small Business (Award Winner 2018) , as well as sharing her workshops, programs, experience and knowledge nationally and abroad. Bronwyn has a passion for inspiring potential entrepreneurs to take the first step.




It’s about time someone wrote such an intelligent and useful book for the small business market.

Andrew Griffiths

International Bestselling Author, Commentator and Speaker

Andrew Griffiths

Small businesses have been struggling for decades to crack the code of working with big business. Bronwyn Reid has written a book based on many years of experience, offering both practical and inspirational advice that will help any small business to attract bigger customers, keep working with them for longer periods of time and ensure that the relationship is mutually profitable and rewarding.

This is a fabulous book, smart, detailed and right on the money to help any small business work with any big business. Great work Bronwyn Reid.

International Bestselling Author, Commentator and Speaker

Ian Dainty

If you want to break into the large business market, then this book is for you. It is a detailed description of exactly what you need to do, and learn, to get large businesses as your clients. It is very well written with excellent examples from Bronwyn’s work with large clients. If you want to grow your small business the right way to success, with large business clients, this is a must read. After 40+ years in B2B selling, as well as owning my own businesses, this is the best book I have read for small businesses wanting large businesses as clients. Buy it and read it today, then implement Bronwyn’s suggestions, and you will realise success very quickly.

CEO . Maximize Business Marketing

Amanda Fisher

For small business wanting to crack a big corporate contract, Bronwyn Reid shares her years of experience in an easy to read format, the risks, the benefits and the whole process from whoa to go (or not).

The Connected Accounting Practice . Connected Technology

The Numbers Matter – Author of Unscramble Your Numbers

Pat Williams

By reading your book, it has helped me get a better understanding of the mindset of much larger organisations. They are no doubt a bigger beast that requires time, process and patience to win over.

I’m really grateful for having found this book.

CEO | Cornstalk Software Pty Ltd . TKO | Business Modeller Software

Kym Harrington

Step by step on how to do things, processes to follow and tips and tricks of small business doing business with big business are described all throughout the book.  Small Company, Big Business explains how to work with Government, Private Enterprise, ‘the Big End of Town’ companies, legal requirements, systems – technology or not, project management and finances – a must read for all SME owners wanting to work in the Big Business arena.

Associate Vice-Chencellor – Rockhampton Region . CQUniversity – Director of Business Development

Alison Mobbs

Bronwyn is a proven champion and outspoken advocate for small businesses in regional areas. She has lived and experienced the vagaries and impacts of regional economies – the droughts, floods, commodity prices and downturns. Her driving passion to lift resilience in small businesses, to develop understanding, capacity and preparedness for the next massive impact, is the game changer regional Australia needs.

President, Queensland Rural Regional & Remote Women’s Network


5-Steps SCBB Programs & Workshop

An interactive & fun way to grow your business

Our 5-Step Program is designed to start you on your own successful journey by learning how to do business with BIG Business.  Met other like-minded business professionals to share the journey.  Much to learn and take away business ideas and incentives. Join us – registrations are open now for the next scheduled Event near you.

At a Glance

Bronwyn | The Author

Bronwyn Reid has just released her second book, Small Company Big Business.  To read more about SCBB, The Book – click on icon to view ‘Table of Contents’.  You can also purchase your own copy – go to shop.

Bronwyn | The Speaker

Regional Business Advocate for Small Business – Bronwyn speaks at major conferences and events, both in Australia and Internationally.  You can download Bronwyn’s Speaker Profile – click icon.

Bronwyn | Press & Media

Bronwyn has features in many articles for Press & Media, and has prepared a page of easy-to-download links, video, bio, book resources, and photographs which can be used for advertising purposes.

Bronwyn | 5-Step Program

Bronwyn designed the 5-Step SCBB Business Program to help small business attract, work with, and keep big clients.  Bronwyn is a professional lecturer and mentor for small business.

Business Mentorship Program

Bronwyn has mentored many small businesses to success by designing a personalised mentorship program.  Bronwyn works in coordination with your business over a 6-month period, and assisting your business to rise to it’s full potential.  See example of a 6-Month Planner.




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